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About Us

Managing Director

Chris Barker


Way back in the 70's, Chris started his work in the adhesives industry and started work at Wilson Adhesives for 10 years and gained the valuable experience necessary before seizing his opportunity to set up on his own. Realising that there was a gap in the market, he used his skills to forge the successful adhesive company that stands here today. 30 years later, (and not looking quite as youthful!) things are still going strong. Chris brings a wealth of experience with over 40 years of service within the adhesives industry.


Outside of work Chris is a keen golfer and cyclist. He also attempts to ski a couple of times a year! At the weekend, on a Saturday, you may even spot him down at the local rugby club.


About C.B. Adhesives


C.B. Adhesives was first established in the heart of Cheshire in 1985 as a small family based company. Then, in 1991 due to increased year on year growth and logistics constraints the company then moved to a larger facility based just outside of Poynton. This is where the company lies today.


At the turn of the millenium, in the year 2000, came the acquisition of United Tapes, a tape company that distributed its products throughout the North of England. From that point we have been delving deeper and deeper into the taping industry ever since. The company in its entirety, however, has been providing bonding solutions for various companies across a multitude of industries for over 30 years. 

The team at C.B. Adhesives are passionate, customer service focussed professionals that believe in listening to the needs of customers and then in turn, providing a solution to that need. We are structured in the way we approach our business, yet recognise the need to be flexible to suit our ever growing customer base. 


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