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Below are some examples of the trades and industries that we supply to. We supply all over the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. You can find out more about the range of products that we manufacture and supply on the 'Products' page above.

bookbinding glue
glue for pattern books
glue for packaging


Bookbinders use our adhesives both by hand and through the use of automated machinery. Various glues are applied to the spine, cover and end papers of the book to ensure the desired finish.


There are many different types of glue that are used during the bookbinding process. The spine of the book commonly uses an EVA or PUR glue. For the end paper, typically a PVA grade is used. The cover usually consists of a thick side glue, pressure sensitive grade or a low viscosity EVA. 

Pattern Books


Pattern Book Makers have numerous ways in which they apply our products. They create functional sampling books, binders, slip cases and many other types of book and cases. They typically would use a pressure sensitive adhesive or a water based PVA or EVA in order to attach the fabric to the cover. The product used depends on the type of fabric and surface that they are bonding it to.



Print Finishing


We have print finishers within our base of clients that use our tapes and perfect binding PUR systems. Double sided tape is used to create a tidier finish, often in a way which is not visible in the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlaying them. This allows for neater-looking projects and better craftsmanship. 


Our perfect binding systems are used to apply an adhesive to the spine of the book, which, when dry, keeps them securely bounded. Publications bound by perfect binding include paperback books, telephone books, catalogs, and magazines. About 40% of national magazines are perfect bound.



A huge variety of our products are used in packaging. There is the simple gluing of inline cartons or you may need something slightly more complex such as die cutting. Die cutting machinery is used on a range of materials such as corrugated board, litho-laminates and plastics. These materials are passed through the machinery where a hot melt or water based gluing system is applied to the appropriate locations to achieve the desired effect.


We supply PUR adhesives to large packaging companies that use the PUR glue as a part of their folding carton solutions. They are used as a part of a large machinery processing line. This helps them improve clear box/carton appearance and bond quality by using these PUR adhesives.

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